A running bike was invented before a bike!

In distant 1817 German inventor baron Charles Drez showed the world the first two-wheeled vehicle-scooter and he called it as “machine for walk”. Its appearance was not exactly similar to scooters, but it looked like modern running bikes. And like modern models – Charles Drez’ running bike was also equipped with a saddle and handlebars.

First such running bikes were meant for postmen for quickenning their mails delivery. A man sitting on the saddle and pushing off the ground was much faster than walking one. And sitting was easier than walking and it meant that it was possible to pass big distances. The running bike obtained the recognition and popularity.


Soon it was upgraded by adding pedals. A running bike was forgotten. And only nowadays it was recalled when it had become clear that kids were difficult to manage bikes and that some worthy alternative had to be offered them.

And now running bikes are really the best optimal first vehicle for kids which are making stronger not only the kids’ health from the earliest years, but also bringing them a lot of positive emotions!