Tricycle TORINO TTC-001 (with purple frame)


2840 uah.

• Kids tricycle with inflatable AIR RUBBER tyres
• For kids of 1-5 years old (for boys and girls)
• Max kid’s weight allowed: 30 kgs
Non-toxic paints used
• Elegant stylish design “ITALY STYLE”
Strong steel frame, front fork, handle bar
• Rubber anti-skid grips of handle bar
• Soft protection pad on handle bar
• Bell on handle bar
• Comfortable seat made of strong plastic with a capability of 2 positions adjustments (further/closer to handle bar)
• Seat back adjustment
• Soft detachable protection hoop of the whole seat perimeter
• Safety belt
• Soft saddle cover made of easy-to-clean fabric
• Under main tube footboards made of strong plastic and easy-to-fold
• Deep canopy with adjustment and openness level holder
• Observation window on canopy back
Strong steel detachable pushing bar for controlling the tricycle
• Nice for the touch rubber anti-skid cover on pushing bar handle
• Small bag for “small things” on pushing bar
Noiseless inflatable AIR RUBBER tyres of 12″ (front) and 10″ (2 pcs rear) size
• Grooved pedals (front wheel)
• Foot brakes (rear wheels)
• Mudguards (all wheels)
• Big basket with strong fabric under pushing bar
• Comfortable, strong, reliable, easy-to-use and long-lived
• Warranty – 6 months