Do you often ask you WHY you bought this or that thing? To be more precise, WHAT were you guided by at the moment of its purchase? WHAT forced you to buy it? WHICH criteria did you have in mind while choosing it?

A price? A design? Polite-insistent recommendations of a salesman? Maybe you just saw exactly same thing at somebody’s place and you also got the desire to get it? Or you just liked it (“from first glance”)?

Everybody has his/her own criteria for choice, purchase. For sure, a price is important, and a design must be also stylish, and certainly you have to listen to sellers’ recommendations (particluarly if they are truly unbiassed) as well as to your desires-preferences!

And do you ask a salesman WHAT MATERIAL the thing you like is made of? QUALITY of this material? Is this material free of HAZARDOUS AND DELETERIOUS SUBSTANCES? WHAT standards, regulations, directives are complied with? Is this product CERTIFIED, WHAT CERTIFICATES has it got?

But asking such questions is not simply important, but it’s VITALLY! And the most important is to HEAR ANSWERS (TRUE!) TO THESE QUESTIONS! Why (you may ask)? Because while choosing any thing and particularly a thing FOR YOUR CHILD (a cloth, a toy…, and a running bike, too), main criteria of choice which must be on the first top three positions are only such:




You must be sure for 100% that in case of using any thing (a cloth, a toy…, and a running bike, too) your child is ECOLOGICALLY protected. In other words – you must be sure that a material the thing is made of (a cloth, a toy…, and a running bike, too) does not contain any hazardous and deleterious substances, and it means – NO HARM TO YOUR CHILD!

In the world there are a lot of running bikes (of various types and kinds, made of different materials, with using diverse technologies and equipment). It is impossible to know everything, but we know one thing exactly: HOW and WHAT RUNNING BIKES “TORINO” ARE MADE OF. Having running bike “TORINO” – you will not have to worry about ECOLOGICAL PROTECTION of your child!


Running bikes “TORINO” have got CE and RoHS certificates and they guarantee::


And we are fully confident of this!


Running bikes “TORINO”. CE certification – compliance with the listed European Directives of Safety of toys directive 2009/48/EC (Certificate Number: B-S15098053 of Sep. 30, 2015): EN 71-1:2014; EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014; EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014.

INFORMATION. Directive 2009/48/EC of European parliament and council of 18 June, 2009, concerning toys safety also covers different products which are meant for use by children till 14 years old and which are in direct contact with children by any means (including clothes, footwear, nappies, etc, and running bikes, too!).

The directive gives end-users a confidence that such products comply with strict safety requirements in the world, particularly in relation to using chemical substances in them.

It sets more exacting requirements for safety and health protection of children. Exacting demands concerning hazardous and deleterious substances contents are made to all children products. Thus, for example, chemical substances developing cancer, changing genetic information or deleterious for reproductive function, so called CMR substances (exerting carcinogenic and mutagenic influence or having reproductive toxicity), are not allowed any more in use for toys and other products with CE certificate (Directive 2009/48/EC). For some substances such as nickel Ni allowable limits have been decreased. Heavy metals, particularly toxic ones such as lead Pb or mercury Hg, can not be specially used any more in toys and other products with CE certificate (Directive 2009/48/EC).


Running bikes “TORINO”. RoHS certification – compliance with the listed European Directives of RoHS directive 2011/65/EU (Certificate Number: B-R160810864 of Sep. 1, 2016; Certificate Number: B-R160810863 of Sep. 1, 2016; Certificate Number: B-R160810749 of Aug. 24, 2016).

INFORMATION. Directive RoHS 2011/65/EU has come into force since 2013 in European Union and also covers such products categories as children toys and sports products (and adding here running bikes, too!).

The directive sets requirements for mandatory control of substances contents which are dangerous, hazardous and deleterious for humans and environment. In particular it sets exact contents concentration for 6 deleterious substances. Their contents exceeding is restricted: Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE).

Contents concentration of hazardous and deleterious substances is identified not for the whole product, but for each homogeneous material and component used in the product including packing. In case of exceeding hazardous and deleterious substances concentration limit in any of the product element or material – such product is not allowed to enter into the European market.

Running bikes “TORINO” have got CE and RoHS certificates and they guarantee: