A running bike (a balancing bike, a bike without pedals, etc) is a construction to be really similar to a bike without pedals. For riding on it a child must push off the ground by right and left foot alternately.

chto-takoe-begovelThis product is meant for kids from 1 year old. As it’s known kids in the earliest years are difficult to concentrate their attention on several actions simultaneously. Turning pedals and controlling handlebars is not an easy task. Furthermore a running bike is considered to be one of the safest vehicle for kids. Children can fall down from bikes, but falling from a running bike is hardly probable. The kid loosing his equilibrium will immediately put his feet down and brake on the ground or asphalt. Not feeling excessive parents’ care, the kid learns more actively to identify dangers and avoid them singly. Exactly that’s why running bikes found such a broad response among little kids’ parents.

But not only these merits are inherent in these wonderful vehicles!

Little kids like running bikes very much and this love is at first sight and first ride!

There is no need to turn pedals on a running bike, it’s easy and interesting to balance on it, it’s possible to speed up, feel the speed, coordinate own movements without anybody’s assistance. Ride on a running bike does not only develop legs and feet muscles, but also teaches not to be afraid of speed. The kid also learns to identify lay of land and it’s also important. But many parents even don’t imagine how important is to evaluate properly surface situation while riding on it. Ability to mare correct decision concerning route taking into account of vehicle capabilities is not an easy task for a little kid. Because he must take into account of his physical capabilities as well as speed, road situation (e.g. a road pit depth or a road kerb height) and even wheels size of his “racing motorcycle”. This task is not easy indeed, but thanking to a running bike (when the kid can just stand up on his feet and overcome an obstacle) this task is significantly simplified and training becomes safer for the kid.

With the lapse of time children will change their running bikes without any problems for bikes, and they will turn pedals with more gladness, and at that parents will remain calm, because main skills of ride were got by their kids riding on running bikes – their first own “racing motorcycles”.