A running bike is really the best vehicle which can be purchased for kids of 1,5-5 years old.

It can stay actual even after 5 years age! In principle there is no age limit for runing bikes!)))
However in order your child could get maximum from his running bike (for his physical and psychological-emotional growth and development) it’s necessary to choose a model correctly.

Main criteria for parents for choice of a running bike for their kid are the folowing:

1. Handlebars and saddle heights (the most important citeria)

xy2The main rule is such: at the moment of purchase min height of a running bike saddle must be less minimum for 2 cm (better for 3-4 cm) than the kid’s internal leg length.

At that pls note: main criterion is not the kid’s height, but it’s his internal leg length! At that handlebars adjustment is not very important because it’s just changing rider’s seat style. And as a rule handlebars height is set in such way that for the kid it’s comfortable to sit and control the handlebars.

If your child’s feet competely stand on the ground after he takes a seat on his running bike, and at that his legs are slightly bent in his knees – it means that you’ve adjusted ideally min height of the saddle!

Possibility of handlebars and saddle (from ~33 cm to ~41 cm) adjustment realized in running bikes «TORINO» allows a running bike to “grow” together with a kid (the kid’s height can be from ~90 cm and up-to ~103 cm) and it can be used for not only only season for your champion-running-biker!


2. Max kid’s weight (which can be carried by a running bike)

This is an important parameter which can be also taken into account at the moment of buying a running bike for your kid. All parents would like to have a running bike for their kids’ delight not only for one season. But kids are growing and their heights and weights “grow” together with them. That’s why the more max weight which can be carried by a running bike – the more time it will serve your child!

Combination of strength of used materials together with quality of running bikes «TORINO» assembly allows to carry kids with weight of up-to 30 kgs! Such running bike will serve your child not only one year!

3. A running bike weight

At first sight everybody may think that weight of a running bike is not very important in its choice. However it’s not like this! From the early years development of kids’ independence is very important and it’s also related to that moment when your kid could independently (and proudly!) get his running bike down from some kerb or stairs of your house entrance. If the running bike is too heavy – your kid will be really disappointed and you always will have to help him to overcome these difficulties (and how to develop his independence in such case?).

Weight of running bikes «TORINO» is only 3,1–3,35 kgs. Very light! And kids will not need your help in any difficult situations: your children will grow and become more independent, physically strong, and gain only gladness and delight from their new achievements!