It’s known to all that normal growth, development and good kids’ health depends directly on their activity.

Development of motor skills such as speed, dexterity, strength is very important in upbringing comprehensively developed individuals, particularly in preschool age which is formative for locomotor apparatus and when foundations of healthy life-style and communication are underbuilded.

Practically all PEDIATRICIANS AND ORTHOPEDISTS have come to only one conclusion: riding on a running bike stimulates normal physiological growth and development of kids and positively influences on their psychologic-emotional state !!!


A running bike helps to develop kid’s activity and dexterity in the earliest years of his life. Riding on a running bike perfectly develops kid’s vestibular apparatussm, coordination and balancesm; legs and feet activity during riding makes stronger muscles and joints from childhoodsm. A child learns to be independent and decidedsm, feeling of control and safety is being developedsm; self-preservative instinct (which is subdued among many children because of excessive parents’ care) starts working. Especially a running bike is useful for children who often spend their time with computers, tablet PCs or TVs. For them riding on a running bike will be really the best physical exercise.

Furthermore children just enjoy active movements when they can play, learn the world, new things. However it should be noted here that such positive effect can be reached only in case of correct choice of a running bike model.

A running bike for a kid is not only a vehicle, but it’s also an interesting game, good mood and genuine childish happiness!

Here it should be noted that despite lots of specialists’ recommendations and unbelievably large quantity of positive responses from side of loving parents, in some cases there is no need to hurry to buy a running bike for a kid. Such cases are when serious physical exercises are prohibited for the kid as a result of some diseases in the past, and before buying a running bike the parents have obligatory to consult with their doctor for making correct decision on its purchase.